2D top down action game. Dodge red balls which explode on impact with anything. You are inside an arena suriviving the madness. Dark magic pulls you towards the center and wind is throwing you and the red balls around. Try to stay ahead of all of this and survive the 8 waves of madness.

Use "W | A | S | D" to move.
Try colliding with yellow squares, they will heal you.
Dodge red balls or they will damage you.
Never go into the center (you will die immediatly)

Install instructions

If you have any problems please let me know!


Gravity Dodgeball (Linux).tar.gz 24 MB
Gravity Dodgeball (Windows).zip 16 MB
Gravity Dodgeball (Mac).zip 22 MB


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The interaction of the forces is potentially interesting, but, in reality, they create a single stable point that you just get pulled to, which is not very interesting.  Nice direction to to try I guess, just didn't work.

On another note, the graphics are awful.  Every single asset is bad on its own, and together they just hurt my eyes.

The difficulty is very poorly balanced, it feels like things just fly into you and there's not much to be done about whether they hit you or not.  Maybe it's easier once you get used to the noise on the screen, but I really don't care to subject myself to that

2/5, could be worse.

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The graphics are just the standard unity assets. Only in there so you can see whats going on. Im sorry that it was looking that bad, but I really just wanted to play around with the idea itself and not worry about any art for it. 

There is a valid strategy which allows you to dodge everything early on. Later on its about dodging as much as possible. I fear the strategy is to hard to find if only played for a short time, which the game is made for.

Thank you for taking your time to play my game and to give me feedback as well, it means a lot to me!