Life is hard is a typing game. To start the game type what you see. Made for the Ludum Dare 43

Becoming the best artist is your dream! Its not? Well in this game it is! You will become the best artist no matter the cost!!!

You can: Draw, Eat, Sleep and Train. To do that type the word.

  • When drawing you have to draw what you see. Each correct word makes your combo go higher. The higher your combo the more points you get. And the faster your motivation goes up constantly.
  • When eating you have to choose between 2 words. The short word will stay on screen so pick carefully!
  • When sleeping you want to stay asleep, because the longer you sleep the more effectiv it is. But each word you see must be typed correctly and before it vanishes! Otherwise you will wake up
  • Training is done in sets. Finishing a set will give you health. But it costs you energy and makes you hungry.

Say hello to the team :)

Install instructions

If you run into any problems, please let me know! :)


Life Is Hard (Windows) 22 MB
Life Is Hard (Linux) 23 MB
Life Is Hard (Mac) 22 MB

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