A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 41 (Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres)

Your fighting "El Cactus" in a 2D top down racing shooter. Who is "El Cactus" ??? He is your worst nightmare Max. Do you got what it takes to get rid of him?

I highly recommend playing with a controller. A Keyboard is just less precise and therefore the game turns out to be about 10 times harder.

W,A,S,D       = Movement
Space or 'J' = Shoot

Left Stick = Movement
A Button  = Shoot

If you got any kind of feelings about the game let me know, I highly appreciate (and love) honest criticsm. I mean if you dont tell me why my game sucks, then the next game probably will suck for exactly the same reason.

If you run into any kind of game breaking issues please notify me!

Have fun and thank you for playing our game :)

Music and Sound: Christian Lösekamm https://twitter.com/releasecomb
Main Menu Sprite: Kekziie
Game Design/Code/Art: Deniz Cakmaz    https://twitter.com/indie_maker_bot

Install instructions

If you run into any trouble let me know! I will work on it as fast as I can.

Thank you and please have fun :)


My Enemy El Cactus.zip 27 MB
My Enemy El Cactus.app.zip 35 MB
My Enemy El Cactus.app.rar 30 MB
My Enemy El Cactus.tar.gz 33 MB

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