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Snowball 'n' Shoot is a Jump 'n' run without moving or jumping (Take that Snake pass).

Your playing as flake, a tiny snowball rolling his way back home to his mountain.

When your mouth gets close to snow or ice, flake will eat the snow.
You can shoot the snow you eat, by pressing any button. Aiming will require your mouse. Get to the end of the level in time, before the time runs out!

Made in 24h for the GMTK GJ "Genre without mechanic"
Music by Gerry Brazell https://soundcloud.com/gerry-brazell
Sound by Gil H. Steinberg  https://soundcloud.com/user-726813426
Design and Art by  Deniz Cakmaz https://twitter.com/indie_maker_bot

Install instructions

If you have any problems please tell me :)


Snowball 'n' Shoot.zip 17 MB

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