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The Ground is Lava is about riding a boat in a sea of lava. It is all about balancing your boats heat, speed, health and fuel. 

Pressing space will use fuel to speed up the ship and make it go upwards.

Riding in lava loads up your fuel, but makes the boat slower and also heats up the boat.

Jumping into cooling stations cools down the ship, but the propeller on them hurts the ship. 

Crashing into a rock will stop the ship. Landing on them will slow it down.

Saving survivors allows you to spend survivors on getting valuable rescources like water fuel or even restore the ship resetting its health.

Install instructions

Download it, unzip it and then open the .exe

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand then have fun :)


GMTK Jam The Ground is Lava.rar 11 MB
GMTK Jam The Ground is Lava.zip 14 MB

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